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Quality Assurance

Graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science at Long Beach State University, I originally planned on becoming a software developer. After college, I went into Quality Assurance as a stepping stone and realized I liked it more than development. My strong analytical skills and high attention to detail were better suited for QA as well. More recently, I've been incredibly interested with automation testing and becoming an SDET, finding that it's the perfect combination of QA and scripting.

Web Development

Web Development

Following the lay off of my entire previous company, and a couple months of unsuccessful job searching, I wanted to start a big project that I had visualized a couple years ago but could never find the time to do. I wanted to create a website for myself. I felt this was a great way to combine both the creative and technical side of me, while also being a solid example of my computer science skills for my job search.

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Outside of work projects I have worked on.

This Portfolio
Started: ~June 22, 2023
Dance Landing Page
Started: ~August 17, 2023


My career life.

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